Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Speedo 'uncut'

The next in my series of re-uploads to Vimeo, a video of the Speedo Thermo Mk II from R2 Hobbies. I tried to do a video with one take, no cutting or editing. The Speedo is a small, pathetic little Chinese 1.2m span model with balsa rib wings and no rudder. It flies astoundingly well however, and will float in no wind, or handle very strong winds without ballast. It flies "big", in that it doesn't feel like or look like a small model once in the air. I reckon the designer had no idea how well this would fly, or how successful this plane has turned out to be. And, it's almost as tough as a foamie on contact with Earth, as it has no weight to give the plane any inertia / stored energy. Small wonder it has gathered a substantial "cult" following...

By Chris Van Schoor

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