By Benny Wachtelaer.
Wingspan: 3404mm
Length: 1366mm
Kit weight: 1464g
Flying weight: 2400g
Wing area: 45-5dm²
Control surface: aileron, flap, rudder, elevator
Elevation Ailerons : Max with differential
Elevation flaps : Max and 20% mixed with aileron stearing.
Elevator : 7mm up , full down
CG: 65-70mm
Constructor : RCRCM

- This beautiful semisportscale full GFK DG-600 from RCRCM finally arrived on the workbench
- A lasercut rudder servo tray is forseen with reinforcement. Glued with epoxy mixed with balsa scrape.
- Also Carbon ballasttube and carbon wingjoiner are attached.


- Servotray installed
- Rudderhorn for elevator installed, put some carbon strings near the balsa to reinforce.
It's to fragile !
- Servo's to be used
- Towinghook
- MAX BEC 2D perfect match with my Jeti equipement

- Electronics nearly installed

- Rudder and rudderhorns installed

- Rudderhorn connection (pull-pull)

- Pulley works fine for rudder stearing

Wings were damaged at arrival, in meantime new pair was sent from China ,also with extra layer of 160gr/m² glasstissue. As we discussed to have one extra layer for extra strenght and stiffness, I had extra layer as promised !

 - Wings top and bottom view

- Wings are ready to install servo's

- Servo tray

- Servo's ready to solder

- Homemade servocovers under construction

- Servo tray's and steering installed

- Wiring and connectors 
- Racingstripes painted, sanded P1200-P2000 and polished

- Canopy closing spring installed
Nearly Ready to fly ;-)
- Racingstripes

- Maiden has been done.

Bad luck I have to repair the wings. DG-600 was hanging in a tree last week ;-(

- Did cut out the bad pieces with sharp knife and filled up sith epoxy mixed with balsa abrasives.  D-box filled up with balsa, sanded a slightly thinner than the surface and laminated with 2 x 50g/m² glasstissue

 - Waxed the carbon rod to model the filler, also reinforced with balsa abrasive dust.

- Top wing repaired , took 30 days to repair

 - Bottom wing repaired , took 30 days to repair

  - Wingtips repaired , took lang enough to repair

- Fuselage repair, carbon reinforced now

- Paint aerosols needed,... epoxy resin, glasstisue, polyglanz (polish), balsa, .....

- Finaly,.. Here we go,...   :-)


Chefer said...

Please Benny, go ahead!
I wold like to see wings fix and flaps control range...
Good job.

Benny Wachtelaer said...

Chefer, I have full elevation on aileron and 20% on flaps, it rocks like hell. 5mm up is sertainly enough, down al you can give with camber mixing on flaps and ailerons.

bongose said...

Hi there,

No much info available on the RCRCM DG600. I've ordered one last week and waiting to start the build. What kind of paint did you use to coat the inside of the fuse?

and eeuuuh: how does she handle flat-land thermals? :)


Benny Wachtelaer said...

Hi Bognose,
no correct, altough DG600 is not bad for his price, but do not expect miracles ! she flies exremely good for the size. The quality is more pore. The shape of the fusalage is perfect, but pore. You better foreen a carbon band on criticle places.
The wings are pore too. altough mine. I had a 2nd pair with extra 160g/m² glasfiber foreseen. But that is not possible anymoer I think. Wingtips are poor too. All to light build. But for his price, not bad !