Design & construction: M.Demcisak & N.Habe
Technical data:
Wingspan 3018 mm
Fuselage length 1491 mm
Airfoil HN Straak
Elevator airfoil HN
Weight 2150 - 3650g
Servo's fuselage TGY-306G
Servo's Wings TGY-S712G

November 2014 my Rotmilan arrives. As a matter of speaking I did not have to wait that long approx. 3 months.

Now I have to say that I was plesant surpirised by the quality and the way it it is moulded. As I was profesion in mouldstructures, this is what do not offen see. Als the packing, strong box.
Topquality, no surface sincmarks, straight taping lines. State of the art servotray in fuselage. A Roll ball system included. Even the rod to move the axes for roll ball hinge is delivered. A nice sticked cover bags for wings and stab.

- Cover bags and packing

- The way I placed the servo's
- The servo tray is a massive piece about 3mm thick.
- The ballast can easely be removed by pulling the chord.

- Sand the kwiklink with P80 on the place where theshrinking tube comes.
- Removed the tube from the gain for about 10 mm and glued the rod with CA
- Quickly after heat up the shrinking tube. All one piece now.
- Connect the aluminium rudderhorns first and then the servo's.
- Do NOT use kwiklink busses, try to have a solid rod. NO RISK !

- Try to use thin servocables. I took twisted ones because of lenght. A bout 500mm total.
And suraly do NOT use extended cables. Take your time and solder the cables. much more sucure and less space.

- I glued the cables to the front with hot glue pistol to make sure I have no loose ends.

- The MPX connector fits perfectly in the gap. Glue the cables on there place so the wing key can pass easy without obstructions.
- Winchhook, can be possibly removed for slope.

- This is realy a piece of engineering;

- The carbon dowels fit in the fuse , just like that.

- The rollball system, 2 long arms for flaps and 2 shorter for ailerons.

- By using the deliverd rod with inside tread you can pull the rods for conneting the pushruds.
- Very 'spieling frei' system.

- Cutting the servotrays to make place for the rol ball system.
- The servo's I haves sprayd in with release agent 'Acmos'
- Just to be sure my servo can be replaced when needed.
- Cut of the screws in the servotray.

- Release agent Acmos 82-2405 (super release stuf)

- MPG connector. Between the wires it is fixed with hot glue (gun)

- The FLAP servo has to be installed so it's angel Roll Ball is between 18° and 20° to the fornt.

 - Installation of Roll Ball System. Works perfect. This one is not dubble ball-beared. This can be used as option, but not standard delivered.

- The wing-key.  Also gives you the pssibility to put extra ballast in int. Perfect and precisely made.

- Time to close the servo caps. Perfect. All in, no resistance. Glued with white silicone.

 - Home made ballance tool. Actualy my hot-wire tool to cut of plates.

 - Inner side of canopy, now you know what I mean.

- Polishing stuf Commandant 7

- Fusalage transport bag

- Used onbord equipement

- Home made ballast sheet lead 1050g

Ready ;-)

- 7-03-2015 maiden

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Fred Sena said...

It's very beautiful. Nice build thanks for sharing.