Typhoon X-tail

Typhoon X Tail: a 2-meter rocket ship by Benny Wachtelaer.
Typhoon earned its name because it was designed during the worst part of the strongest Typhoon to hit Taiwan in the last decade
Aimed at the flyer who has made his bones on smaller ships and now wants something with higher potential, the Typhoon offers sparkling slope performance, but turns into a pussycat when thermalling. For experienced flyers, the plane handles like a dream, has no vices and yet is capable of amazing performance in the right hands.
Able to fly in almost any conditions and equipped with a full house complement of ailerons, rudder, elevator and flaps, the Typhoon can perform leisurely aerobatics or be made into a hair-raising, jaw-aching rocket by the addition of ballast, yet it will slow down to hand-catch speed for landings.
Made from CNC generated moulds, and supplied with a full kit of small parts and a massive 20mm ballast tube, Typhoon is constructed to the highest standards of fit and finish.
Typhoon is a real all-rounder, yet it will fit on the Parcel shelf of most cars.

Design By RCRCM Aero Team. 

Span: 2.0m
Length: 1.2m
Weight: 950g
Wing Aerofoils: RC blended
Tail Aerofoil: SD8020

► The new by me designed schemed Typhoon arrived from RCRCM
► The 40$ extra we had to pay was realy worth it to have our special scheme.The quality is certainly not a point to discuss for his price, We know all the Typhoon is a proven machine and an allrounder for most weather conditions.
The ballast tube is allready installed and can be loaded from the bottom of the fusalage. Easy and quick system if you ask me, aswell rudderhorns are connected for rudder and elevator with carbon tubes.

► We desided not to have many racing stripes, to give a clear contrast in the sky and in bad weather contions.
The carbon gives him a extra valuable touch not only for the eye buth of course for strenght. We also asked to have extra layer of carbon in fusalage.

► Wings ready to attack

 ► Servo TGY-777MG seemes to be the same as MKS DS6125 min, both made in Taiwan !

► Cabling servo's

► Rudderhorn installed. Tough one ! 

► 2650 mAh , 4.8V (foto changed, will updated later on) Now 5x1.2v Intellect 1600mAh

►Update : New batteries, from Turnigy 1500mAh/6v perfect match !

► Nice aren't they

► Tom and Steven, maiden their Typhoon

► Finaly my maiden did happen also ;-)

► How proud we are,... Tom, Benny, Steven. All Typhoons maidened now ;-)

► Sorry for blur picture

► Me flying above Northsee in Bredene (B)

Mix of ailerons with flaps are 100/50% , expo on ailerons 15%
Elevator full elevation, no expo
Break : Throttle stick Flaps full down 80°, aileron 10% up
Side stick mix  : aileron 10° and flaps 20° down, gives more lift in termal or seeking for hights.
3 seasons of fun and more of 300 hours of sloping from 3-11Bft ,.... it happend,...
2 Typhooneers hit . Tom's wing is repairable, Benny's fuselage totaly lost. 
I started allready to repair the Wing. I am waiting for delivery of the fusalage,...


 - Weight unrepaired

- 2 strokes of carbon fabric wil streghten de surface again (inside)

- TIX (Aerosill)

- TIX will glue the parts togheter again

- As you can see my fuse is totaly lost

- Getting out my stuff ;-(


- Soooo,....

- Lets rock,...

- 3 Typhooneers


Fred Sena said...

Thanks for sharing. I just received my Typhoon and will start building soon.

Benny Wachtelaer said...

Very nice Fred, succes. Please do not hassite to contact if you have questions !